Salon-Grade Manicure Set

AED99.75 Inc. Vat

Elevate your nail care routine with our Professional Custom Beauty Tools. This comprehensive manicure set features high-quality nail clippers, pedicure scissors, and a cutter kit. Perfectly sized for travel or home use, it’s a must-have for achieving salon-quality results and maintaining impeccable nails.


Welcome to the world of precision nail care with our Professional Custom Beauty Tools Nail Clipper Pedicure Scissors Cutter Kit. This deluxe manicure set is designed to meet the highest standards of salon-grade quality, ensuring you achieve flawless nails every time. Our comprehensive set includes a range of essential tools for complete nail care. The nail clippers provide precise trimming and shaping, while the pedicure scissors allow you to trim cuticles and achieve clean, well-groomed nails. The cutter kit offers versatility and convenience, allowing you to tackle any nail care task with ease. Each tool in this set is meticulously crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The compact size of the kit makes it perfect for on-the-go use, whether you’re traveling or simply need a quick touch-up at home. With this manicure set in your beauty arsenal, you’ll always be ready to achieve salon-quality results and maintain impeccable nails. Invest in our Precision Nail Care Kit and take your nail care routine to new heights. Whether you’re a salon professional or an individual seeking top-notch tools for personal use, this set will exceed your expectations. Say goodbye to mediocre manicures and embrace the flawless finish that only professional-grade tools can deliver. Elevate your nail game with our Professional Custom Beauty Tools Nail Clipper Pedicure Scissors Cutter Kit today!


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