Matrix Socolor Pre-Bonded Blended Permanent Color 90ml

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Matrix SoColor Pre-Bonded Blended Permanent Color

Professional permanent hair color with integrated Bond-Protecting Concentrate technology.


  • Gives every hair strand a?rich color and protective nourishment
  • Offers?all in one tube?- background, reflect + bond protection
  • Enhanced with Bond-Protection Concentrate for hair protection
  • Provides from?2 to 5 levels of lift
  • Gives?up to 100% coverage on 50% grey hair, and a blended coverage on up to 100% grey hair
  • Nourishes and continuously conditions for up to 30 shampoos
  • Rich, creamy formula for easy application
  • All shades are Pre-Bonded, Pre-Blended and Pre-Paired

Note!?The SoColor Blended also contains the 11 series. These shades can be used to create a hi-lift result on level 7 and above. They are brilliant for creating hi-lights or to tone pre-lightened hair.


  • Pre-bonded – Bond-Protecting Concentrate helps protect the inner hair structure, color after color (assessed after 7 applications on sensitized hair). Offer the same protection as adding a bonder without all the hassle of measuring and mixing.
  • Pre-blended – formulas are pre-blende with both background and reflect. Control warmth on every color, every base and every underlying pigment.
  • Pre-Paired?- paired with?SoColor Sync?tone-on-tone range for seamless results from root to tip.

How to use

Mix color with recommended developer in 1:1 ratio. Apply on hair section by section. Leave on for a set time in temperature room. Additional heat is not recommended. After development time, rinse well until water runs clear.

  • Mixing ratio:?1:1
  • Development time:?35-45 min (full 45 minutes for resistant grey hair)
  • Developer:?Matrix Cream Developer?3%, 6%, 9%, 12%

Additional information

Color Option

SCB2-10AV, SCB2-10MM, SCB2-10N, SCB2-10SP, SCB2-11A, SCB2-11N, SCB2-1A, SCB2-2N, SCB2-3N, SCB2-4BC, SCB2-4BR, SCB2-4M, SCB2-4N, SCB2-4NJ, SCB2-4RV+, SCB2-504N, SCB2-505G, SCB2-505N, SCB2-505NA, SCB2-506N, SCB2-506NA, SCB2-507G, SCB2-507N, SCB2-508N, SCB2-508NA, SCB2-509G, SCB2-509N, SCB2-509NA, SCB2-5A, SCB2-5AV, SCB2-5BC, SCB2-5BR, SCB2-5G, SCB2-5M, SCB2-5N, SCB2-5NW, SCB2-5RR+, SCB2-5RV+, SCB2-5W, SCB2-6A, SCB2-6BC, SCB2-6BR, SCB2-6G, SCB2-6M, SCB2-6MG, SCB2-6MM, SCB2-6N, SCB2-6NA, SCB2-6NV, SCB2-6NW, SCB2-6RC+, SCB2-6RV+, SCB2-6SP, SCB2-6VR, SCB2-6VR+, SCB2-7A, SCB2-7AJ, SCB2-7AV, SCB2-7BC, SCB2-7G, SCB2-7M, SCB2-7MG, SCB2-7N, SCB2-7NW, SCB2-7RR+, SCB2-7W, SCB2-8AG, SCB2-8AV, SCB2-8M, SCB2-8MM, SCB2-8N, SCB2-8NA, SCB2-8SP, SCB2-9A, SCB2-9AV, SCB2-9G, SCB2-9M, SCB2-9N, SCB2-9W, SCB2-CULT CLEAR, SCB2-CULT GRAY, SCB2-CULT PINK, SCB2-CULT PURPLE, SCB2-CULT SILVER, SCB2-SR-R, SCB2-SR-RV, SCB2-WC-CLEAR




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