Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Bleach Finder Color Changing Lightener Rinse 1000ml

AED115.50 Inc. Vat


What It Is

Our new highly potent strengthening system is supercharged with citric acid to reinforce weakened bonds and revive sensitized hair. No matter what type of hair or texture, your blonde will always be soft, shiny and strong!

What It Does

??Smart cleansing formula targets & removes lightener particles

??Yellow formula turns pink when exposed to lightener

??Balances the pH of hair

??Ensures even stubborn lightener is rinsed out for a more beautiful and even blonde

What Else You Need to Know

Prepare hair for perfect toning with Bleach Finder. This backbar shampoo was designed with pros in mind to locate and remove bleach to avoid sneaky porosity hot-spots and uneven tones.

This color changing shampoo will do the work for you so you can save time at the backbar and focus on crafting the perfect blonde every single time.



How To

??After a lightening treatment, apply Bleach Finder Color Changing Lightener Rinse to hair and work into a lather.


??The Bleach Finder formula will turn from yellow to pink if lightener particles are detected.


??Continue to lather and rinse until the formula remains yellow with no pink in sight.


??All yellow? Ready to rinse and Tone! Still seeing pink? Shampoo again!




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